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Thread: spring plots updated pic's

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    spring plots updated pic's

    Well here are a few updated pic's of my spring food plots, there growing great right now, and getting hit pretty hard by deer too
    my beans are getting hit the hardest as expected but holding there own right now, for now any how LOl

    My corn/ beans plot, I made with a border of corn and an island of beans is working out as I hoped, deer are in it in mid day, figured they would feel safer with corn all around them and a big open area of beans inside it, have about 2 acres of beans , its going to be a race to see if they last till hunting season however ?

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    I love the idea of a border of tall stuff to make them feel safe. That's what we were trying to do with our plots this year as well, just our main one's are the clover. I think once all the constant rain stops and you get the heat of summer your beans will outgrow the deer browsing on them. Looks excellent so far!!!
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