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Thread: uploading pics ??

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    Question uploading pics ??

    having trouble uploading trail cam pics maybe i could get some more info

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    Well I know there has been many posts about how to post pic's, if you wanted to do a search
    But since I am no tech savy guy, I simply use photo bucket
    might take a little more time, but works easy for me

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    00Buck which way are you trying to upload them, into the Gallery or into a thread/post? If in the Gallery and you go through the motions of uploading and it does not appear to have worked generally it is because the file size is too large. Many of your picture programs will have a way to reduce the size. If it's something you are attempting to do in the thread/post by managing your attachments let me know. May be the same problem if it still isn't working. Sometimes it is just better to create a account and upload there that way it is so simple to share pictures after. Let me know if you need help either way.
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