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Thread: Horton OUT OF BUSINESS

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    thoughts?? well my first would be Horton made thousands of X bows and compound bows, and as far as I know, 90+% have been rock solid products
    every company has had recalls and issue that turn up after there released
    things happen in time, no , product testing can find many times till, Time actually goes by
    and of course recalls Cost company's a lot of money, and why they try so hard to never release items till there pretty darn sure there good to go!
    I personally feel, company's like Horton go under, when TV hunting shows, Magazines and such, push certain brands more
    and with hunter numbers dropping like they are
    and SO many company's out there competing for business
    and the fact that SO many X bow owners buy one and keep it for yrs and yrs, not needing to up grade an replace with the newest and latest, as so many compound bow guys do
    Lack of tournaments shooting for x bows too
    all lead into, company's going under
    Horton, last several yrs was never a main stream TV hype bow, all but there Reverse limb bow, and again, change is hard to sell, all the more so when they has so many issue's with that design at first! for people to appreciate the real benefits of it
    so, less hunters, more company's, and most x bow owners not buying new x bows very often, and piss poor marketing, and well some production issue's
    well something has to give!

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    Wow that's a surprise, I was looking into a Horton for awhile but chose a compound.

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