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    59 yr old non resident. Recently suffered a TBI Left unable to walk unassisted. Looking to get back into archery deer hunting. But my state(NY) doesn't allow crossbow. So, I'll spend my money in Ohio. In process of researching crossbows to purchase. Narrowed it down to excalibur and barnett.

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    Sorry about your misfortune, glad to hear your not giving it up.
    Welcome to the site, kinda slow around here in the off season.
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    Well, welcome to the site, lots of great folks her, but most go MIA, till about sept.
    as for cross bows, best advice I can tell you is go shoot a bunch, the reverse limb ones, to me are the most comfortable to hold and shoot, and truely deserve a look, they do NOT have as much forward weight like the rest do, and from all I shot, are much quietier too!
    I also am a non res of Ohio, a PA resident, cross bows are legal here in Pa, and deer quality is at an all time high, NOT as good as Ohio, but some places are pertty good now. Something to think about maybe, as its closer
    but good to have you aboard, so welcome, and don't forget, we like pictures here, so feel free to share

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    Great to have you join us!! Hate to hear of your misfortune but glad to hear you won't let it slow you down. Ohio is one state that has it figured out when it comes to crossbow hunting. Glad to hear you plan to join us all to hunt there.
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    Live in Akron and hunt mostly in Carroll County
    Glad to hear that you are still in the game. I've hunted all my life with a few physical impairments. If there is a will there is a way. So from another old crossbow toteing gimp, welcome aboard. As Mike said, things are slow this time of year, but us diehards still stick around and post fairly often.
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    Welcome to BHO....keep up the positive thought process and good luck this upcoming season.
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