well I agree, thick woods are great, hard to hunt some times, but typically hold deer, all the more so when crops are close by
as for price, well if the others thought 2 k was good, well good for them, it could be a deal it could not be. only time will tell hunting it!
and I am still a firm believer that there are tons of great public lands in Ohio and many many other states
I think way too many people get caught up into the needing private lands to hunt well, sure there nice to have, but even on private lands trespassers and presure plays a huge role in hunting, unless you own a TON of acres and have complete control over it all.
there is always a chance something better can show up, so keep looking if you want a lease, but these days, they don't seem to last long, all the more so if there prime lands, they go faster even at some crazy numbers too!
Good luck