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    I knew this day was coming, but just thought I had a little more time. Garrett beat me by 15 points at a 3d shoot today. The bad part was I shot pretty good. Granite I was shooting the long money stakes with my hunting bow, and he shoots the cub stakes. I shot a 294, 6-8's, and 6-11's..In.the beginning he shot 1-8, and 1-5, but quickly got tuned in and pounded 16-11's, 10 in a row. He ended up with a 309. Just wish Brian would have been there, I needed someone else to buy the ice cream. And Garrett made SURE the loser bought ice cream.
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    Sweet that's incredible news!! If any kid could do it I knew he would be the one! Must be the great teacher!
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    Atta boy Garrett. Who knows what he will whoop you at next. It was a good day for ice cream for sure.
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    Holy crud.....nice job Garrett.... Could be a rough year for us and ice cream purchases...lol
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    Great job Garrett
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    That's great! Nice work Garrett!
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