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    Sorry I haven't updated on how things have been going but had a setback last Tuesday, things were going really good until then. I started to have some drainage from my incision and redness and warmness around that area, we headed to the hospital to have it checked out, to make a long story short I had developed a staph infection in my hip, ended up at OSU medical center in Columbus where they opened everything back up, cleaned it out, placed granular antibiotics in the hip and placed a vacuum drain in my hip. Just got back home last night, I am now hooked up a little pump that continuously gives me antibiotics through a pick line they placed in my left arm, will have it for 6 to 8 weeks then will be on oral antibiotics for quite awhile after that, I was lucky that it is the type of staph that responds to antibiotics and since I got in right away and didn't wait they was able to retain my hip implant and didn't have to remove it also, it is a set back but not as bad as it could be, I am getting around pretty good again already just got to get used to this pump, you know when you forgot it though when you hit the end of the IV tube though! Its somewhat of a setback but nothing that can't be overcome, so we will go from here but it will be fine
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    Thanks for the update Tad! Boy I sure hate to hear it's slowing you down rather than giving you the freedom you were hoping for. Glad the doctors got after it and hopefully you will heal fast. Also great that they didn't have to remove the hip and have to put you through that all again down the road. Will keep thinking of you and saying a little prayer to get you better!!
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