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Thread: spring time plots started

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    spring time plots started

    Ok guys, I just rebuilt a old disc that last yr the front blades all broke up on me
    I replaced with new slotted disc blades, and all I can say is WOW what a difference they make on turning over hard grass covered ground
    I only have a 8 ft disc, with no down force, so this makes a huge deal for time in the seat
    I finished putting it all back together today, and started to turn over some ground
    managed to get about 5 acre's all turned over before it got dark
    plans to finish up today on prep work
    plan to plant about 2 acres of corn, and about 4 acre's of soybeans
    will get some pic's up tomorrow
    but anyone else planting anything this spring??

    here is a picture of the one side before I replaced the blades, can see how most are just gone

    and then here is a picture after today of the new blades on the same side
    forgot to take pic's of it all after back together, will take some tomorrow if it doesn't rain

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    well I got rained out on Saturday, so got down the farm today
    I finished up turning over the plot sites for the firts time, will wait a week or so, and then turn it over again, this will help kill a lot of weeds, and have a soft base to work with
    here are a couple pic's
    starting with the disc, with the new front blades on, still have to make some scrapers, as they kept getting clogged up in the soft sections, and that sucks having to stop to clean them out, be surorised how hard packed dirt can ge between them blades while working them!, and some extra weight for better down force!

    and this is the first section I started on Friday, can see weeds already coming back! its about 2.5 acres in all

    and this is about 4.5 acres in all, truned it all over one pass today, had some turnips from last yr starting to gorw in this plots, , thats the tall green stuff you can see, that will get sliced and diced in the next turn over, and then sprayed down after planting

    and then some local geese that were watching me work all day!

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