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Thread: What broadhead are you using for turkeys?

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    What broadhead are you using for turkeys?

    I shot my turkey with a shotgun, last year. This year I want to shoot one with my bow.

    Along with a groundblind and a few decoys, I've been waiting for a good shot with some mechanical broadheads on the ends of my carbon shafts. The 2-blade Rage (2" cutting diameter and cut-on-contact tip) and the Meat Seeker 2-blade and 2" cutting diameter. I hope to slice one of these broadheads through a gobbler this season.

    What broadhead are you using for turkeys?

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    On my arrows will be the G5 T3's and if my son uses the crossbow I have some ABC Turkey Tearrors to put on the end of his. Up here in Mich. we have several different seasons and the one we picked comes in May 6 thru the 31st.. Good luck to you Bowhunter57 and keep us posted how your hunts go!!
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