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Thread: Fun With A New Gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghunter View Post
    Congrats Dick. I really love the .17s. Have you seen the new winchester round coming out? Stan, that is a sick looking Delta Elite its on my list. I was looking at a Glock 29SF in 10MM but I just cant do it. I love my 1911 way to much.

    I picked this beauty up this past Feb and have carried it almost everyday. Attachment 10127
    I have had a 10 mm since the 80's, and love my delta's, but I also love the glocks too, the hi cap and they take such abuse, made them great side arms/back up when in Alaska over the yrs, not as pretty as a delta, but they work , hate to say it more reliable I think, dirt water weak handed, they seem to just work a little better,lLol
    But will always have my colts!

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    I was just reading about the new 17 WSM. Over 3000fps. Sounds like it could reach out a bit further than the HMR
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    I have a g20 with a lone wolf 6 inch barrel and reload all my 10mm hot.
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    Yeah Mike, pretty impressive for a rimfire. My brain keeps telling me I don't need one. But, I've owned lots of things I didn't or don't need. If they aren't overly pricey I'm sure I'll take a look at one eventually.
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