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Thread: Newfoundland bound!

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    well best advice I can tell you is make sure the outfitter can have you a therma cell there waiting for you, I say waiting for you, as many airlines don't want you flying with the fuel cartridges
    and a bunch of the packs for them
    Black flies can be nasty nasty, and drive you out of your mind
    other wise have fun, and take lots of pic's
    we like Pic's here!

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    We are gonna ship some of our gear to the outfitter before we leave and the thermacell wont be forgotten!!! lol, we will be taking plenty of pics Stan, thanks for the advice though, I never thought about the fuel cells on the thermacell not being allowed on aircraft.
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    hey no problem, reason I mention, is many airline don't really say so where to the point you know it, and if they happen to find them , it can be a HUGE fine
    I had a buddy, that some how a single rifle round got in his luggage and they found it along with a lighter
    , he ended up with like a 10 grand fine
    little things like that can kill your budget fast
    and yrs back they were never even an issue
    but this day and age they can get crazy with what and what not's in luggage
    and I agree its a ton easier if you can ship most things up rather than carry through an airport, that's for sure
    its always best if you can have a outfitter get some things andf have them at camp for you, like a therma cell and such
    and heck, if they have a bunch of guides, they make a simple tip to give them when you leave too, as many don't have them
    cash always works best, but there a nice simple extra to a guide
    some good bug spray too that they recommend too is a good idea, as bears in there area will be mroe used to smells they use, rather than some new what ever you bring
    and that same deal on bug spray in an aerisal cans, many planes ban them too!
    again, hope its a great trip
    do you know if they still have snow??
    lots of places up north are still burried under snow right now
    same with lakes being frozen

    good luck

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    Excellent video!! Even though I didn't have one up in the tree with me I was lucky enough to see a lot of that stuff during my bear hunt in Saskatchewan several years ago. Nothing like that experience and the memories are priceless!!
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