well 22 ammo is dry here, even cheap crap loads are now 8 bucks a box of 50 too, and thats just crazy I think, when just last yr or so a 500 rounds was just 15 bucks of same ammo!
CCI stingers are great fast rounds too, creame of the crop they say for speed, and they always shot accurate in my guns
but these days with such high demands, I would honestly wonder how consistant ammo being made is, as I have to beleiev they are pushing the limits of making it, and maybe skipping a few of the checks to make more while people are willing to pay such high dollars for it!
as every gun that ever got great reviews/demand, one that demand took prioriety, qualiety dropped big time
so maybe kep that in mind too when your shooting these days
there is always a price to pay for demand, seems MFG's are way too greedy to the mighty dolar than to there reputaion any more
all seem to rather say sorry and do better later on than keep a good thing good!