Hello Fellow BHO Members. I would like to get started on planning a BHO BBQ. My plans are to get suggestions on Dates that would work for the majority of Members. My plan is to have it in Ashland Oh, and it would be on private land that I own. I would like to make it an entire weekend, but set the BBQ for Saturday. If you want to make it a camping weekend, you would be more than welcome, but the get together BBQ would be held on saturday. If I can dial down a Date that works for most, I can aquire a very nice BBQ Cooker for the weekend. I have plenty of area for tents or even campers. And 4 acres of woods for some great bow shooting. I would think with a little help from some fellow members we could have a pretty sweet 3D shoot. This would be a great opportunity for finally getting together and meeting other members, and eat some serious grub. Drinking is not a problem, but just keep yourself in check....lol....Ross!! Think it over, get some Dates in your head, start throwing them out there. I would like to see a great turnout..Could use some good input on this......Thanks All Seeker BP