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Who's the best whitetail hunter on Bowhunting Ohio!? - Page 3

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Thread: Who's the best whitetail hunter on Bowhunting Ohio!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MQ1 View Post
    Blackbeard i appreciate your flattering words , I do hunt hard and live deer and deer hunting , But it is tough sometimes to connect with a mature buck on a regular basis , The biggest problem i have on this subject is , "He has to be there to kill him" which is my personal quote year after year , It is the hardest part of the game is you have to find him , and then figure out how to get close. One year to the next you never know what you will find , to me that is one of the most exciting parts of the sport. Experience , Know How, and Time Afield is very important , but it all comes down to , for everyone , He has to be there to kill him.
    Bowhunting will definitely humble you. I set my standards at 125" or better after 2006 when I killed my first P&Y buck, I thought that should be obtainable each year.......results since then........haven't killed a P&Y buck since. Killed several that were close, should have killed several that were definitely >125, but reality is I wasn't as good as I thought I was! But I still have a lot of fun trying.
    "...the deepest, most permanent features of all great moments outside are the names, faces, descriptions, and emotions. The antlers on the wall...well, they're just bones affixed to boards. But what they represent, however, is flesh and blood - fathers and sons, friends spending time with friends and the the seasons of life when the people we love were still with us. These old antlers on the wall...well, take a seat, my friend, and I'll tell you all about them." -Rev. Zeke Pipher

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    Why don't we all come together and schedule a hunt together and find out who the best is. Everybody has there strengths and weaknesses.I hunt and live in Virginia where we have to learn to hunt cutovers and swamps, I see nobody out there on those TV shows hunting the conditions alot of us have to hunt. But on the flip side I come to Ohio and hunt every year and its like i'm in heaven open timber where you can see and shoot further than 15yds. To say one person is better than the other when it comes to bowhunting I don't think thats possiable. I've had the oppertunity to hunt different states for whitetail and I consistantly kill really nice deer every year every where I hunt, but untill a bowhunter can venture out of there comfort zone and hunt different states and terrians with success I really don't think you can say that somebody is better than others. I really hope I'm not affending anyone this has always been my belief, and i'm not trying to take anything away from the mentioned guys there actions speak for themselves. I'm just rambling here anyway, God bless and hope everybody had a successful hunting season.


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    Pretty disappointed to not see my name in a post here. Especially from Stonegod after I called my shots last season
    We ain't assin around!

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    This is a funny thread, I think everyone has proven some good points, but seriously guys we all know I'm the best!! Hahahaha

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    I went catfishing once with a guy from tenn. Seems he only wanted to go fishing to prove what a great fisher he was. All the way there, his spot, he bragged about how great he was and how he would outfish me. I was quiet and composed. It was a windy day and the bite was lite. I caught 10 channel he caught one small one. I didn't tell him I grew up with the great Miami in the back yard. On the way home he bragged he was the best at cleaning and cooking fish. I did not argue, I relaxed with a cold beer and let him do the work.
    So, to all of you who think you are the greatest, keep on bragging. I will keep on hunting.

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