OK I have posted this before, but since were getting to that time of yr for food plots thought I would put it out here again

if you are a member or JOIN the NTF(national Turkey federation)
and there doing a deal now, join for the yr for $35.00 bucks and they will give you a $ 25.00 bass pro shop gift card, so that means its a $10.00 to join for the yr!

once your a member you are eligiable to buy discount LEFTOVER seeds at a huge discount, like $300.00 plus bags of roundup ready corn for like $10.00 a bag
they , pending on your branch and whats out there can have a wide variety of seeds, from corn, to soybeans to sorgumn, sun flower seeds and so on, food plot wild life crops!
NOW there two things to concider, one you have to agree to sign off that this will be planted for wildlife ONLY, not to be harvested and then sold
2, you have to remember that it is, last yr seeds, thus meaning there is a chance it will not grow as well as fresh seeds
things I found is that , you can add new inocculant to it to help boost the odds,a nd its CHEAP stuff too
and that you can also mix it with new seed too, to make sure something grows

But for folks new to food plots or low on cash, or have sites that well soil isn't up to proper Ph and well no funding to change that part
its a great way to make an attempt at a food plot till , your in a better place anda can afford to go all in!

I find not many people know about this deal, so just thought I would share and maybe help some out
and last, just a reminder
just remember that round up ready corn cannot be fed to wildlife as like feed corn you buy at wally world or agway or??
its coating can be toxic to wildlife if they eat too much, so it needs to be disked in pretty good to cover much of it as possible same with all round up ready seeds
other things , can be pretty much just broadcasted on top of soil in a good rain, and pray and hope, and much will grow, but again, best planted as it should be!