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A tip I have never heard before

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Thread: A tip I have never heard before

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    A tip I have never heard before

    OK. So the other day I was talking to my wifes uncle and he said this is something he swears by. He said if the cows are laying down then the deer are laying down. I asked him how that made any sense and he said that deer and cows have the same digestive system. and there feeding habits are the same as well. Has anyone else ever heard this before???

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    I have heard that as well in the past. Think it primarily applies to cattle that are free range and not housed and fed at certain times of the day.
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    I have also heard of this, I grew up on a farm with cows, deer chew on their cud just like cows, I believe it true to a point. If you are hunting near livestock its always to keep an eye on them if you can, cows and horses will know if something is in the field or near it. At one of my private land spots the cows will walk towards the barn away from the deer, when the deer are crossing the field early morning. I go horseback riding a lot in the summer and most of the time the horses will know if a deer or predator is around before you do.
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    Well I have heard this before
    Same as a cow will lay down when a storm is coming
    I say, if you want to believe you will find ways to see it works, but to me
    I seen cows in one field laying down and a mile down the road all standing, so, I don't buy into it much
    Also, many many deer eat at night, so the theory of them chewing the cud at same times, thus laying down
    Well they eat at different times, so that wouldn't make me follow that for that reason
    So again, if you want to believe, you will see ways to, and I guess if like me you don't, will find ways to poke holes in the theory!
    Sorry, just my 2 cents

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    I have always used that theory for a general idea......but never used it a barometer if I sit in the treee stand or not....I just usally dont have high hopes if all the cows are laying down...but I have seen cows laying down and had monster bucks walk under my tree stand and get stuck so its not the gospel but its a good old timers theory.

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    If this is the case then I should see more deer because the cows where I hunt seem like they graze all the time! Interesting though.
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