Well, I had a great time today.....by far not the ATA.....Thanks again Mike F for ruining any outdoor show that I go to! LOL... So Great to see Big Holla and the Family, thats the way a family should be!! The Reezen and Spike, Tony and I had a sweet time walking around checking out the equipment together. We ended up watching and learning some neat new ideas for the tree stand, and all ended up with a very sweet bow hanger for our climbers. Lots of nice scenery to see, and plenty of nice Racks!! :) Ended the day going to a Venison feast in Nashville, Oh at a small local church with Whitetail Freak, and had a fantastic meal, and a great learning experience about whitetails. Dr David Samuel was the guest speaker, and he was very informative and interesting. Thank you Freak for the signed copy of Whitetail Racks, that was so cool........Its days like today that make you realize just how good life really is. Good having so many friends to hang with!! Looking forward to another get together this summer!!!