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Thread: My 1st Big mature Buck

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    My 1st Big mature Buck

    Well I figured since I finally got me a good buck I'd post my story. I'd been seeing a buck on camera all summer that I named "stickers" He had a bunch of stickers hanging off his G2. Well Saturday morning at 8:15 am I saw a large buck making his way toward me. I got ready and was about to grunt to get his attention and send him my way when a Doe popped out on the trail in front of me and it became apparent this buck was following her. Within minutes the buck was 30 yards in front of me making a scape and grunting. He then came to the tree next to my stand at less than 10 yards and again made a scrape and rubbed his horns in the small tree above the scrape. He let out a deep grunt that made hair on my neck stand up. He then turned and was about to take off for the doe, when I grunted and stopped him. He turned and was facing me now not leaving a good shot. He turned his head to look back at the doe and I let the arrow fly at less than 10 yards. He took off over the edge and I saw only the fletching sticking out. I heard a big crash and then nothing else. I got down and went back to camp and grabbed some breakfast. I text my 2 hunting buddies that i hit a good deer and was waiting for them to go look. Well at noon we headed back to find the deer. We walked about 75 yards and looked over a big cliff and laying at the bottom was the deer. By buddy got to the deer 1st and said he was only a 4 pointer! I ran to him and grabbed the horns to notice the one side was broken off. I grabbed the other side and quickly counted 10 points. I then began searching for the horn that had broken off. After about 20 minutes we were able to find the broken main beam that had 5 more points. 17 all together! It was stickers and I had gotten him. When I got back to camp the neighbors came over and one of the guys said they were hunting that deer since 2008. He reached into his bag and pulled out a set of sheds he had from this deer from 2008. I'm now hoping i can get the horns fixed so I can enjoy looking at him on the wall. Does anyone know if that's common and if a taxidermist can indeed make him look like he did?
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    Real nice. Most of your taxidermists will be able to take care of the breaks no problem. Once again nice job on a monster!

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    well what a great buck and congrats

    as for a taxidermist fixing, YES SOME can, and some never had to, so before you decide on where your taking it ask them if they know how and have done so in the past
    best of luck getting it fixed, but even still its a great deer to have mounted either way in my eyes

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    awesome buck...congrats!!!
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    Outstanding man! Great Buck and story!

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    Great deer, Congrats
    Don't ever let the truth get in the way, of a good story

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    Great story, and a real nice buck. I'm sure you can get that rack fixed, congrats
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    Great story and and very nice buck. Congrats.
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    Here's a few picture of him on my trail cameras.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Awesome buck!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

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