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3 days left...fill your tag now!

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Thread: 3 days left...fill your tag now!

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    3 days left...fill your tag now!

    This may not be very popular but I'm going to throw it out there. Plenty of time to slam a good buck!

    Last Minute Bucks

    Sunday, February 3rd will mark the end of the Ohio 2012-2013 whitetail deer season. With temperatures expected to plunge tonight and a great 5 day forecast, Itís definitely not too late to wrap your tag on a great Ohio buck.

    In 2009 and 2010, I harvested my Ohio Archery bucks on the second to last day of the season. I admit that both these deer were harvested over a corn pile (legal method in Ohio), which is not my preferred way to hunt deer but when the clock is ticking and only days remain to fill that coveted buck tag I play dirty. Also, both bucks provided a fun and memorable hunt. Make no doubt about it, baiting is a deadly late season tactic and dont let your self be fooled into thinking big bucks canít be killed over a corn pile!

    If you have a tag and are left wondering how your going to fill it in 3 days, I make the following recommendation. Go to your local feed store and buy a few bags of shelled corn. Pick a couple areas that deer are currently using as destination feed fields, and make sure the fields have perfect entry routes. Finding the perfect spot is the biggest challenge.

    Deer are very sensitive to just about everything this time of year; scent, noise, etc., so you must go above and beyond to assure that you are undetected in every way imaginaeable.

    Place the corn piles in an areas best suited for a north or west winds. These winds typically bring the coldest temperatures in Ohio. Keep the corn piles in front your stand locations and plan on accessing the stands from the opposite side. If you can, pre-hang your tree stands. On the day of your hunt, its best to be 100% noise free. Next, its a waiting game. Let the corn pile be found and hammered for the next few nights. Hunt a different pile every evening untill the last night. If you see a big buck you can go back to the stand and try it agin, but your best chance will be your first time in (first sits kill). If you can arrange someone to pick you up from your stand and run the deer off naturally, your odds of getting away with multiple sits will increase. However, remember that deer will become less attracted to the bait durring daytime hours the more times they are bumped. Last but not least, remember to dress warm and get to the stand plenty early. A free meal can keep deer moving all day!
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    good read thanks for posting ill be out tom thru sun trying to fill my tag buck or do freezer is empty lol

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    Good read, and by the way I have no problem with someone hunting over corn this time of year.
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    Great post Medicsnoke and great advice for how to set up when using a bait pile in the late season like this!!
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    I had to clean my eyes out trying to read how long those mains are. Nice buck snoke and good advice.
    If there were 8 days in a week I would hunt 8 days

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    Great buck. I guess I am different than most, I don't care if is legal or not, I just don't like the idea of hunting over a bait pile. IMO, that to me is not what i call Hunting!
    Is there anything better than being in the woods?!

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    i will be out later today and all day sits till end of the season i have only tagged one doe and looking to fill my last tag asap

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    Congrats on the late season buck!

    I didn't get a nice buck, but did get some more meat for the freezer yesterday.

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