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I am going to give Turkey Hunting a try 1st time ever

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Thread: I am going to give Turkey Hunting a try 1st time ever

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    I am going to give Turkey Hunting a try 1st time ever

    I have made the decision to turkey hunt this year. I have read some posts on other threads and I believe that I could have some fun doing this.

    I have a Wingmaster 20 ga. Is this gauge big enough? If not I will just use my bow.

    My brother bought a 75 acre farm and I deer hunted a few times and could have killed many deer but chose not to....first year on property wanted to figure out the heard before we start killing. When I went out I saw turkey almost every time. Mostly the turkey I spotted would either work their way down the back west side of a 40 acre field or work their way through the open hardwoods on the north side of the field. Usually there would be anywhere from 20 to 40 turkey together. Correct me if I am wrong but I am going to set up my blind along the field where they go through cause the tree line is very thick. The property is surrounded by hundreds of acres of mostly woods, very few small fields here and there. They roost mostly just to the west down in a bottom next to a power line. They work their way up the power line to the field so maybe 20 yards off the power line on the field edge is where the blind will go./?

    If anyone has any other type info please let me know.
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    All I can say is once you try it , you will probably be hooked. Its fun as heck. They have awesome eyesight, just remember that. There are many on here much better at giving advice on hunting these birds, but if I were you,if you know where they are roosting,I would set up on them as close to there bedroom as possible. I got my first bowkill last spring by getting in really close.....close enough that at daylight we could see the Toms calling out to a hen from up in there tree. We copied the calls of the hen on the opposite side of the field, and low and behold he chose us. It was a rush! Believe me, its not easy, and you have to stay persistant. My first gobbler I took with my Grandfathers single shot full choke 20 gauge....so you should be fine....practice with your gun and test your bb pattern to see if its what you want. good luck and have fun.....Hint......Get a Thermacell!! Reason: Mosquitos are terrible in the spring.
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    There's nothing like turkey hunting. You will love it

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    my suggestionis that a week or two before the season starts to go out and try to roost the birds and even come back in the morning and see what there really doing
    NOTHING beats up to date info on birds
    pending on green up and food, they can be there or else where
    and just setting up on hope is a LOT of luck
    some folks like to call them in prior to the season, I don't I think it just makes for smarter harder to kill birds
    if you plan to use a blind
    setting up as far away as you can see will help a week before the season, and then set up based on that
    but I never was a blind guy for turkeys
    liked to be able to run and move if need be
    as for if a 20 gauge is enough, sure it is
    just patteren a few loads and see what where they hit at 30 and 40 yrds and stick to what ranges they hold the best pattern
    if you have the ability to add a scope, I personally feel there a super tool , be surprised how much more accurate and fun it can be too
    and just have fun

    and practice calling as much as you can take, no one has to be perfect, turkeys will come to some wierd sounds thats for sure, but being able to repeatwhat they like can help!
    hunting is all about having a good time, not just a kill!
    but good luck

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    Thanks guys, I definitely am listening. Appreciate your wisdom
    If there were 8 days in a week I would hunt 8 days

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    Yes I love roosting. I also see many first timers over call. Sometimes less is more.
    Definetly start practicing now.
    Need any pointers email at Pdw94@aol.com
    Or fin my face book got some birds on there I've taken

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    Some great advice above^^^ The 20 ga. will be plenty, key is to pattern it and see how tight of a pattern it shoots at different yardages. That will tell you your maximum distance. That maximum distance can then be paced off and some sort of marker, stick or branch, can be placed so you can quickly reference it to know if they are close enough. Might be best to give the shotgun a try for a year or so and then if you decide bowhunting is the way you want to go then you can transition your knowledge over to that as well.
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    also on the 20 gauge, there are many aftermarket chokes that can really tighten up a patteren if you want to try too, some are pretty cheap too
    MANY mant times, cabela's in there bargin cave have them too at a discount price too!

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    i am going to give turkey hunting a shot this year also what are good calls to try i have tried the diaphragm calls and cant get them to work they sound funny really looking for something simple to use and do you always use decoys or can i go with out them

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    Turkey hunting is all about head shooting IMO. My best advice is to use 3" shells with 7 1/2 shot in your 20 gauge. I'm hunting them this spring with the .410 I threw together in December. They are going to have to be close with .410. Should make for some fun encounters.

    One warning, you will be hooked.
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