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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
    well I agree that banning asualt weapons from the show is just plain stupid and wrong
    BUT to be honest, there never really was any there??
    it wasn't a gun show, it was 99.9 % just hunting and fishing and outdoors show??
    been going to thi show since it started, and theer are very evry few guns at the show at all, , minus some custom rifle builder and some higher end shotguns
    lots of archery
    but not really many so called assualt weapons there??
    lots of parts for them maybe, but again this wasn't a gun show
    I think its amaybe a little over the top
    But hey gun folks do need to stick together so, I'm fine with them pulling out, if it helps send a message to the right folks!!
    I have gone to the show before. I have never gone there to look for guns, we go to gun shows to look at guns :) we go for other features. I am boycotting them as well just to send the message
    If there were 8 days in a week I would hunt 8 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griz View Post
    I didn't realize that the organizer of the show (Reed Exibition) is a British based company. Yah thats right, they have no guns! Can you believe a limey makes a disicision that effects all of us here in the US. I hope the show crashes and burns. Next year if anyone has a brain a US company will run it.

    I must say I do feel bad for those guys like callman. Just post a web site callman, you never know what will happen. It could be good.

    Hey I agree 100%
    But Sadly far too many things are owned anymore by NON usa companys
    from major hi ways here in the usa to many of the state lottery's
    and food and beverage companys
    and to me thats what 's killing America
    and why jobs are , well good jobs jobs, are far and fewer now then ever
    way to much is not made in America today and its a shame
    if we started making more things here in the USA, more folks would have a job they could live well off of, and we would have mroe control over how things get made
    and maybe our economy would improve, rather than sprial down likes its doing??

    BUt the sad part to me is, it all happens ONLY because MOST americans want it the way it is, if they didn't they would support so many NON usa compnys
    thus why were in the hole were in??
    MY 02 cents!
    This yr's sportsman show will be a big surprise I think for folks attending, BUT only after the already Paid to get in
    I live near this show, and no one locally is talking about any pull outs, even through there are many many that are
    , I know I won't be going!!

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    This was just released today......nice

    If there were 8 days in a week I would hunt 8 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayTheWindMike View Post
    This was just released today......nice

    well based on that, thsi same company that is banning modern guns at the sportsman show, is also the same company that ran the SHOT show in vegas
    that's a pure 100% gun show, but its only open to FFl holder, law enforcents agency's, and certian folks within the industry
    not the general public

    thats shame and I hope they loose that job for future shows??

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    Quote Originally Posted by callman View Post
    Just to let everyone know I am a turkey call maker.
    I am a very small company just me and my wife and my 11 year old son.
    We are not like most vendors if I lose two thousand I will be out of business.
    So is everyone going to buy one of my turkey calls.
    I am stuck on what to do. It sure [censored] to watch your dreams go down the drain.
    Try to look in your boys eyes and tell him you failed
    One show should not bankrupt someone. Maybe your story is out of my mental reach though???? What's your website? I will check out your calls and if I like one I will buy one.
    If there were 8 days in a week I would hunt 8 days

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    Nice, kudos to cabelas
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