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well I agree that banning asualt weapons from the show is just plain stupid and wrong
BUT to be honest, there never really was any there??
it wasn't a gun show, it was 99.9 % just hunting and fishing and outdoors show??
been going to thi show since it started, and theer are very evry few guns at the show at all, , minus some custom rifle builder and some higher end shotguns
lots of archery
but not really many so called assualt weapons there??
lots of parts for them maybe, but again this wasn't a gun show
I think its amaybe a little over the top
But hey gun folks do need to stick together so, I'm fine with them pulling out, if it helps send a message to the right folks!!
I have gone to the show before. I have never gone there to look for guns, we go to gun shows to look at guns :) we go for other features. I am boycotting them as well just to send the message