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Bear Archery Mauler

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Thread: Bear Archery Mauler

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    Bear Archery Mauler

    I am thinking about buying a new Bear Mauler... I am looking for some input before buying the bow. Every thing I have read has says this is a great bow for the money. Any Pros and cons you guys may have would be greatly appreciated as I am new to the Compound world. I have been a crossbow hunter but, I am ready to make the switch to shooting a compound. I just need to figure out what bow I am going to go with now...

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    Wish I could help you on this deerguy10! I am so out of the loop these days with all the new brands, models, etc. Good luck to you on your new bow quest!! That is one thing I sure hope to do this winter/spring and that's find a new bow.
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    I shot the Carnage at the ATA show, and it felt very nice. Don't know how it compairs to the Mauler
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    Just because its in writing doesn't make it true. You probably should shoot the bow and other bows in the same price range so you can compare. A good pro shop is worth its weight in gold. You being new to compounds is good. A knowledgeable bow tech can stear you in the right direction. Take your time, do the leg work. Good luck to yah.
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