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Thread: 20 degree drop from sunday to monday in temp!!!

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    20 degree drop from sunday to monday in temp!!!

    Southwest ohio will see almost a 20 degree drop in temp from sunday(59 high) to monday (39high). I will be out monday evening and i will have wind in my face from my blind. Could be an ideal evening for myself. I have heard many people say that the day before the big drop in temp is a good time, the day of the big drop, and the day after???
    What do you guys believe is the best time to be out before a big drop in temps??? and when did you see the most activity???

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    My thinking is if it's cooling off thru Sunday night into Monday then Sunday evening would be the time to hunt. Always hunt the evening before a front they always say. Monday may be good or they may be holed up some. Hard to say, that's why they call it huntin'!!
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    ill b out sun afternoon till end of shooting lite always day b4 the front is best my experience

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    hunt Sunday evening and Monday mornig if possible any time is a good time to be in the woods i will be out all day Saturday and Sunday after church

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    Heading to the stand tomorrow afternoon. Good luck, all!

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    I am heading out about two. It my area, it will be raining most of the day. But who knows, I have seen the Big Dawg, twice on rainy days so far. Lets hope the third is the charm!!!

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