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ive never had this happen before this morning

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Thread: ive never had this happen before this morning

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    ive never had this happen before this morning

    well i went out this morning and sat along a bean field well around 9:00 3 does came walking in and i was like ok im smoking one...she gets at 47 yrds i grab my bow and go to pull back but i was sooo effin cold i couldnt it was like my muscles had just given out....i kept trying n trying but i couldnt get er back...anybody besides me ever had this problem??? this was kind of embarrassing to me
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    never had it happen, but do know it does happen to a lot of guys in late season
    many guys I know will even lower the lbs for late season?
    but it happens

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    Yeah it happened one year to me and I did it to the point of popping my shoulder, thought I popped it out of the socket for a moment. Hurt like hell and took me quite a while to get it to feel right again. A lot of guys in this weather make it a habit of pulling back their bow every so often, maybe every hour. Good idea, esp if you didn't pull it back once since you were out. I thought maybe it mostly happened because of the extra clothing binding up my shoulders that time. Hard to say but the cold sure had something to do with it as well.
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    Cold weather and also adrenaline pump is a crazy thing!! It was just their lucky day Bigcountry!
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    Sorry this is going to be a long winded answer, but this has been a major part of my hunting life and one of the major reasons why I am not out hunting this year. Has been slowly coming on over the the last several years. It used to be just later in the season when it got down in the upper teens lower 20's. Last year it was in Nov. and it was only down in the mid 40's or so, and the doe that I turned in for the team challenge was quite a challenge. At 17 yards she was looking right at me through the one blind window that I had open, could not get the bow back. She stood there and watched me try for seemed like a long time. I made the decision to slowly tuck myself in the back corner of the blind, (out of her sight line) and spend another several minutes trying with everything I had to get it drawn. I was surprised when I did and even more surprised when she was still standing there when I stepped back in front of the window. Even though that whole senario was more dramatic and challenging, it's not a good position to be in, needless to say, the buck I killed in Jan. was with the crossbow. I have turned down my bow from 62lbs to 52lbs over that period of time, supplement my diet with 60 more grams of protein and got into a weightlifting program. Nothing real serious or alot of weight, but it helped keep me somewhat in the game for a bit longer. I may have a few years on you, I don't know, but it's never too late to fight the weakening of the muscles that age brings on. Old age ain't for sissies.
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    like radicalxl said, i turn down my bow from 72 to 65 lbs come dec. if i plan on hunting late season,,,,,

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    A 50# bow will kill a deer just as dead as a 70#, I shoot little under 60# , all pass thru;s, , Not being smart, but sure feels good drawing lower poundage when its cold :)

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    I have had this problem also, and I am very proficient at full body rows and pullups. The cold and stiffness that comes with sitting motionless will eventually get everyone sooner or later. I always get it back but it's unfortunately not the prettiest or smooth draw that we would prefer, lol.

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    I'm also have same feeling that this wintry and hardness that provide sitting motionless can ultimately get everybody in the end.

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