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Thread: Now that Deer hunting is over!!

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    Now that Deer hunting is over!!

    Its truly crazy, This year went by like a Star Trek time warp. Hunting was in and then it was over. This year was one of my best by far. It drives me nuts, driving home now,....... I see the deer out browsing in about any field that I drive by. The tracks are heavy right under my stands where they were once limited in numbers. I go into the woods to cut firewood and there standing there watching me drive by with several loads of wood......Its like they know!... Work is kicking in a little earlier than normal, already have total focus on preparing for a succesful Elk hunt in Sept. Going there on a mission! I should of had one last season.....but I am more prepared this season, by far!! Again, this year added to my friends list.....Met many new faces, and have enjoyed the many interactions of the hunts we have done. 3D season is coming on fast......will be again trying to better my shooting abilitys on these courses...if you have never attempted shooting 3d, Please try it, its a great time and a learning experiance. I know summer is a busy time, but hope you all keep in touch. Getting the frogging and turtle equipment ready to go! Come on summer, ready to get you out of the way and right into Sept... Its a Sickness People, I just cant help myself!!
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    i agree seeker bring on the end of september iam ready well almost lol to get my revenge

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    I'm ready for some 3d and you or frasca come anywhere near my arrows your gonna get one of these. Lol Click image for larger version. 

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    Lol I sure hear you there Seeker!! I'm hoping things go a little slower for me this year as I have many plans to get accomplished by then. Work is helping obtain those goals as well but boy is it hot and heavy, almost overwhelming!! Add the kids sports into the mix and wow!!
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