Couldn't hardly wait to try this .410 project out this morning. Was a bit odd hunting with a scoped shotgun after years of only using a bead. I saw 9 deer today, most were well out of shooting range. At 11:30 I saw two adult does slipping through the woods about 70 yards below me. They worked from my right to left and I just knew they were not going to get close enough for a shot. About the time they were directly in front of me they started up the slope towards me. I pulled back the hammer and started trying to follow them in the scope. I did OK until they were about 40 yards out. The two never stopped moving and were coming to me head on and downhill from my position. I finally got on the one and told myself to keep her in the scope. At about 15 yards she saw me and turned to my left. Not quite broadside, still quartering towards me pretty hard, but close enough. I settled the crosshairs on the base of her neck and pulled the trigger. The shot hit just a tad high. Went in the neck and exited behind the shoulder on the other side taking out the one lung. She hit the ground at the shot and hardly even twitched. Not the broadside double lung shot I wanted to get to test this guns performance. But, I had to take what I was given. Pretty happy with the results today.
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