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PSE Stinger 3g

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Thread: PSE Stinger 3g

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    Dec 2012

    PSE Stinger 3g

    I am planning on buying the new model. Anyone who has used one, tell me what you think of it.

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    I just got a PSE stinger 3g this year. It is a great shooting bow. The nice thing is no bow press needed to make changes and this being my first compond i made them a few times. The bow shoots true out of the box and is fast. Not the fastest but fast enough. I killed a doe at 25yards with compleet pass through. I think you will like it

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    Was hoping someone could help you out with that 17jamato!! Thanks Offtothewoods!! I do like the idea of a no-bow press bow that's for sure!!
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    Bought my Stinger 4 years ago and I love it.
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    i bought mine from dicks about a month ago. I love it. its very fast and very smooth. love the fact that you can change draw length without having to take it somewhere and have them do it. Dicks helped me set it up and showed me how to adjust it. Very good bow!!!

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