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well welcome to the site,
and just a tip
if the place you bought the bow at isn't a bigger bow shop, and only has a so so bow guy I strongly suggest taking it to a good bow shop and have them give it a good once over,make sure its in time , setting it up to fit you, and other things to make shooting it more enjoyable for you! always better to be safe than sorry on things under pressure
I say this cause i had a gun store, and we didn't do much with bows but did get some on trades and such, and a bow only type shop would have a ton of better knowledge to help you advance properly in the bow world, and later on if you need something NOW is a good time to start a relationship there!
Thanks! I bought it at a gun shop that took it as a trade. First thing Im doing is taking it to Fin, Feather, Fur in Canton to check it out and get it re-strung and add a d-loop and buy a release. Also to get it set up to be comfortable for me. Thanks for the tip man