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In 2011 we hunted the week of Oct. 30rd. We didn't see much rut action going on until the end of our hunt. We still saw quite a few hunters but not quite as many as we saw this year when we hunted the first two weeks of November. I think to really avoid the hunters on public land you'd have to hunt early or late season and that's not as fun. We are willing to make the 14 hour drive to see the rut action you have in Ohio. We don't have that at home.
the only reason i suggested later oct. is the acorns are raining & the buc are still somewhat together.....i mostly have oaks on my land and next year i'm doing a4 day weekend the last weekend in oct. just to try it.... but i to like nov.5 thru12.....cannt wait til 2013 season.. state land in ohio is the best public land around, just look at the big bucks that come OFF THEM..