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broad heads

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Thread: broad heads

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    broad heads

    I have used Blood Runner broad heads for three years and killed every deer I hit with them. This year I noticed that they are made a little different than before. Well they will not withstand me shooting them into a normal standard target, they break. I have gone through two packs this year. I went yesterday and wanted to see what else was out there. I picked up a three pack of Rage Extreme 2.3 cut mechanical broad heads. I am lost for words. I shoot them at 20 yards and what do I see, a spread pattern of two foot, yes 24 inches. One of them that hit the target just flew apart. I believe I am going to just go back to some fixed Muzzy's. I put an old muzzy on and at 20 and 30 yards direct bulls eye.
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    I'm a big fan of Muzzy. I shoot the older 4 bladed 100 grain 1" cut diameter out of my crossbow. They shoot best for me and have performed very well on the deer I have taken with them. I will use them as long as I can find them. I'm not a big fan of mechanical heads, but admit I've never shot one. I hear to many stories of blades not opening.
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    I was about to try the Bloodrunners...Guess I will stick with Muzzy. I have used the original Rage's, but they open up too easy in the quiver and on the rest and make a lot of noise...I always end up having to close them before I can shoot them. Anyway, thanks...
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    I use Magnus Stingers fixed broadheads. I have never had and issue with accuracry with them and there are no moving parts to malfunction. I also know people that use muzzys and love them.

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    I would be contacting the manufacturers on both of those heads!! Esp. the Bloodrunners breaking into a friggin target. Sounds like the Rages were opening on their way.....
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    Muzzy man here too! I've been close to getting caught up in the hype of mechanicals. An area archery shop said that a properly tuned bow and proper form will shoot good quality regular style heads like field points day in and day out! I can hit a baseball size target with my muzzys out to 40 yrds!


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