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Thread: Adams county???

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    Adams county???

    Anyone else hunt there around the locust grove area seeing any chasing or rut activity period. I stayed down there from friday to yesterday nite and saw only 12 deer. 4 being bucks with the biggest prolly a 2 1/2 100 incher. And he wasnt interested in 3 does at the feeder what so ever. Kinda has me baffled with the near perfect weather why such little activity. They couldnt be locked down already could they? Id like to hear your thoughts.

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    I actually hunt within a 5 min drive from Locust Grove. Hunted pretty much all day Monday only coming out of the woods for about an hour. Seen 16 deer, 12 being different bucks. But like you, all were small and young, with the exception of the one I lost :( But he was only a 3 year old, but he was in no way in rutting mode. Walking up the hill eating foliage. But, every doe except one had a buck behind her. Im hoping that the older deer just havent kicked in yet, and not locked down already.

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    I also was off Monday through Wednesday this week and hardly saw any activity at all. I was in carroll County. Saw a few deer but no Rut Activity?
    I hope they kick in gear this weekend. I think the Rut is not in yet.

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    Currently Mason, but raised in adams county
    I hunt about 3 miles outside locust grove, been slow as well. Still pretty early though.

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    im in brown as I posted above in another thread mon saw a small 4 following a pair of young does tues nothing wed saw a doe running nothing following her a then a couple of bucks together just grazing my brother was 100 yards away saw two bucks skirting the fence line of woods and corn just strolling, the buck that passed my stand didn't seem to notice my wicked golden estrous, either the product is so-so lol or he wasnt ready or both , hope today they go beserk!

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