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Thread: Wide Rack Whitetail Medina, County

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    Wide Rack Whitetail Medina, County

    Today my brother, father, and myself made it an all day hunt. We got in early everyone on a different plot of land in Hinckley Ohio. I dident see nor hear a single thing. My brother and father on the other hand saw quite a bit of action, bucks, mostly 6 pointers chasing the does hard.

    We grabbed lunch and got back out there. My brother Adams girlfriend has a kid who expressed some interest in getting out there so he brought him along. They sat in a ground blind for the evening. I did as well and my father took a tree. As soon as i got in there I rattled a odd 4 point 3 on one side and 1 spike on the other. I played with him for about 45 minutes with him circling me and returning to the food every 15 minutes. I dident see much of anything for the rest of the evening.
    I got a call from my brother saying the kid smashed a incredibly wide racked 9 point (little main beam sticker). Said it was a cow and he needed some help. Upon leaving my area i pull out the drive and laid eyes on the biggest buck i have ever personally seen with my own eyes. 17 points standing in a neighbors driveway! I stopped and was able to count every single point. he stared at me as if to say (what the hell you looking at buddy!) I ran back to the house and grabbed the truck. Leaving my driveway I laid eyes on yet another Monster Buck 12+ points with his doe in my front yard.
    Here are some pictures of his deer and the little one I seen. This was the kids first time in the woods, brother said the boy was shaking so violently it was unreal.

    Brother and the Buck

    Kevin and His Deer

    Rage Head

    Little Guy

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    well beginers luck or what
    no matter that is a great buck, and would love to know what it scores and how wide it really is
    congrats to him

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    Looks like one fine shot to me. You got the job done when you had to. Big congrats to you young man.
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    Damn that's a slob right there. Congrats

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    Well he did a great job. And I bet he's hooked now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
    well beginers luck or what
    no matter that is a great buck, and would love to know what it scores and how wide it really is
    congrats to him
    Taxidermist will score him, we did get the width though. 24 Inches. Caped him out to have him put on the wall.

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    Gotta love those big wide 8 pointers.

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