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Thread: 140" 8 pt vs 100 Grain Muzzy

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    Nice buck, cool story, what type of area was he bedded in? I see you are from MI, did you get this one in Ohio or MI?
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    Great looking tall tined eight. Congrats on a fine buck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbeard View Post
    Nice buck, cool story, what type of area was he bedded in? I see you are from MI, did you get this one in Ohio or MI?
    He was bedded off the corner of a standing corn field that drops off a hill in some tick stuff! About 40you yds from the corn! Highland county Ohio!
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    Congrats on a nice 8!!

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    nice buck...congrats!
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    Way to go! Nice spot and stalk on a solid buck! KB
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    great buck man

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    That's an awesome hunt!

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