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Morning or evening tomorrow 10-28

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Thread: Morning or evening tomorrow 10-28

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    Morning or evening tomorrow 10-28

    I have an opportunity to either hunt tomorrow evening or the morning. Unfortunately not both. I'm here in southwest Ohio (clermomt county) any suggestions? I see high winds for tomorrow afternoon and where I hunt I usually see more in the evenings. Thanks!

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    well for a GUess I say morning, due to if this storm hits as its supposed to, the evenings might be hard as many deer MIGHT be siting it out
    then again, they might be in a feeding race to stock up
    but heavy winds to me sems to keep deer in cover till dark
    so it really depends on what terrian your hunting
    if your hunting food , like food plots of crops, I say evening, as morning in them are not always the best, just cause most have left them before light
    if your hunting closer to bedding and or hard woods
    I say morning are much better
    this storm is a lot of hype right now with so many IF"S I find it funny
    here ther are reporting rain from 2 inched to 12 inchs or possible 2 ft of snow or more
    thats a pretty big window from rain to snow to inches to feet
    will be sitting out tomorrow, due to no sunday hunting here or ?? I'd be out there unles winds get too heavy to safely be up a tree
    if winds are that bad, most deer will be sitting tight I think anyhow!

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    Wind Or Not?

    Morning All..... I'm wondering if the wind will make that big of a difference? I'm thinking with these winds predicted the way they are for the next 4-5 days, if these Doe's are coming into esterous they may have no choice but to get up and move during the day. You know how "squirmy" those Doe's can get this time of year. Just my thoughts.......best of luck this season everyone.

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    Hey Guys - Thank you all for the responses.. VVetrano - I've never had any luck hunting with wind anytime of the season. I ended up going this morning and didn't see a thing which is rare for the area that I am hunting. However I felt better once I pulled the new pictures off my camera. I had a buck on camera just about every day in August and September - right up until the season started. The last time I saw the brute was 9-26.. We'll he seems to be back and is visiting the area I hunt frequent during shooting hours. Just thought I'd share. Again, thank you for all your input - this site is a great tool for me.Click image for larger version. 

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