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New guy from Central OH

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Thread: New guy from Central OH

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    New guy from Central OH

    Username: aweave8
    County: Live in Franklin, hunt in Ashland and Belmont
    Years Bowhunting: Started off with crossbow, but past 4 seasons using compound
    Public or Private Land: Private
    Own Land (Y/N): No
    Type of bow: 2006 Diamond Liberty
    Other Bow Accessories:
    3D Shooter (Y/N): No
    If yes, name of club:
    Gunhunter (Y/N): Yes
    Predator Hunter (Y/N): No
    Turkey Hunter (Y/N): No, but want to try
    How You Found BO.com: From a search for '2012 Ohio rut predictions'
    Other Information You Wish To Share: I've been lurking for a while this season reading up on some good tips. The daily hunting reports are especially helpful. I finally joined so I can see people's pictures and to share a story. This past Sunday on my birthday I shot my first buck which I'll post in another thread soon. Thanks for all the helpful information and advice so far.
    Any Information You Need:

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    So, One nice gift you found on your birthday.:001_005:
    Happy birth day & welcome to the forum.
    waiting for your picture.

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    welcome to the forum

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