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"DONT" change your life forever!!!!!

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Thread: "DONT" change your life forever!!!!!

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    "DONT" change your life forever!!!!!

    I hope I never need to be assisted out of the wood, and I hope I never need to assist one of you out of the woods!!!!!!

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    Dale, Glad the outcome was one you could come back from... Very much believe in the Hebrews verse, as well as the entire book. Watching the video brought back some memories of assisting a friend who fell & broke his back. Got the call at 12:30 am on my cell phone from him at the base of the tree when he regained consciousness. The next 1 1/2 hours of directing the EMT to his location while driving the 100 miles back to camp was horrific. Thankfully, he, as you made a full recovery. I have spent 9 years of my life serving this country doing things that can never be told..... During that time we expected and planned for injury... but not as a civilian... Seeing your young son brought tears to my eyes.... knowing the emotions that never are expressed. Glad to have you back.

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    Dale, so glad that everything turned out ok for you. I know what you went through because my dad fell from a tree as well and it was the scariest thing i've ever went through. He was ok as well . Good luck this year hunting.

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    well Glad it all worked out with only what had happend
    and sure we all hope it never happens to us
    But equipment can fail at any time
    I Know I have fallen out of a few too many tree's over the yrs, been a long time now, but yrs back using tree's to make tree stands and using so so parts to amke stands
    we came a long way in safety from the 80's and 90's, I'll say that
    I think these days we hunters are much better off than yrs back when no one had safety equipment, or no one I knew!
    but again equipment fails
    and its also why I have for so long been adding to so many people's post about hang on stands and leaving them on a tree for any period of time,
    I know far too many guys that leave up for months if not yrs , and them straps just ain't made to be used that way, between UV and the tree's growing,a nd things going bad the human eye cannot see
    I know NOW a days I follow best I can the habit of replacing startps more often then the MFG asks for, and always use a second strap for added piece of mind
    But hunting alone like so many of us do, makes you think a little more , on what you would do if it happened to you

    best of luck hunting to all, and I hope no one here ever has a fall

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    Dang dale I'm glad that ur back into the stand now and all is well 22ft is about where I like my tree stands as well and I no it's a long way down. I counldnt imagin that happening. Good luck the rest of the year and be safe

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    Glad you are back and well. That video should be a real eye opener for everybody. I fell about 22-25 feet in Jan 2007 from a double maple that looks very similar to the tree in the video. I was taking a stand down by myself. I remember falling and landing and that was it. Not the 6 mile drive home, not the ride with my wife to the hospital, not the expensive helicopter ride to Columbus, nothing. Next thing I remember was waking up in Grant Medical Center. I was lucky and have a scar about 12 inches down my chest to prove it. It can happen to the best of us. Wear those safety belts.
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