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Thread: What would you do?

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    I don't know, but that guy looks really happy with his deer and if he eats all of it, I would not break up a friendship over this. Sure, from a strict QDM aspect, killing a deer of this size doesn't make sense. But if your friend has a wonderful memory of spending time with you and being the woods, then I think that outweighs any arguement or loosing a friend. Take some time to teach him what a shooter buck looks like. Get him one of those Glendell 3D targets that has the 150" rack so that he has better visual cues. Tell him to use the deers ears as a guide, anything inside his ears most likley gets a pass. And a little cheerful jab about shooting the small ones. I think if he is a good friend , he'll get the message.
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    Make it a learning lesson that's for sure. Some great friendships have been lost over much less I am sure. The one thing that bothers me is there is no way that deer could have been mistaken for anything even remotely close to what you are managing for. So either you guys did a terrible job teaching him or he said to himself your rules don't matter. While looking at the flip side of the coin, many have said they would not ruin a friendship over this.....well, your buddy could have though the same thing before he shot. Not sure why it is only up to you to be the true friend and turn your cheek, he owns something in this as well. Either way I am sure the deer will be used and enjoyed and at this point that is most important.

    Hopefully we all learn a lesson here as well.
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    After seeing the photo, I gotta agree with Chuck. To even think this was a 50 inch deer would be pushing it. My first thought is how many deer has this guy taken prior to this one. Maybe he loses control at the sight of antlers, some guys do. I'd sit down and have a long talk with him and make sure he understands that you are dedicated to the management of your herd. If I had an antler minimum I'd make sure he understood it. If it was 135-145 inch deer I'd not think much of the situation. I've hunted deer for quite a while and would still not be able to tell a 135 over a 150 many times in hunting situations.
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    Hortontoter i think hit it. Some people get so excited at the sight of antlers they cant help themselves. I know a guy just like this. He will shoot any buck that approaches 115-120. Not that this buck in question does. But, we strive to hit 130 for our buck kills. But, you know what? This guy is truley excited and couldnt be happier about the bucks he kills. He is proud and shows them off just like they were that 150. Isnt that what its all about anyway? My neighbor isnt on board with any management and the bucks i let walk could step across the fence and get whacked. I might as well let my friend be the one to enjoy it as opposed to my neighbor is the way i look at it. Im not in this deal to make a living...i dont want to get too serious about my one hobby that should be care-free. Yeah, i put in a lot of work in the off-season to improve my habitat and chances, but its all still for fun.

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