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New from Lancaster

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Thread: New from Lancaster

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    New from Lancaster

    Username: BigFish83
    County: Fairfield
    Years Bowhunting: 0
    Public or Private Land: Will be hunting private
    Own Land (Y/N): No
    Type of bow: Matthews Helim
    Other Bow Accessories: Extreme Recon Sight, Whisker Bisquit rest, Tru Fire Hardcore release
    3D Shooter (Y/N): No
    If yes, name of club:
    Gunhunter (Y/N): Yes
    Predator Hunter (Y/N): Yes
    Turkey Hunter (Y/N): Yes
    How You Found BO.com: Searched the internet for Ohio bow hunting forums
    Any Information You Need: Since im new to bows and bow hunting Id like to gain any knowledge that I can that will help me be successful in my future hunts.

    Ok now that the initial intro is out of the way here is a little bit more about myself. I have been into hunting for several years mainly small game. Last year was my first time turkey hunting and I fell in love with it. Im spending this deer season practicing with my new bow and aquiring all the gear needed for next year. Next year year will be my first year deer hunting and what better way to do it than with bow.

    The first time I ever shot a compound bow was a month ago at the local proshop when I purchased my Helim. So I cant wait to get in the woods and take down some nice whitetails.

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    hey there bigfish welcome aboard...and good choice on first bow..the only advice i could give ya right now would be to swap out the whisker buscuit for a drop away but thats all personal preference...the whisker buscuit is gonna slow it down around 10-20 fps and it rips your vanes after continual use...but glad to see another hunter has picked up a bow and getting hooked on it...congrats and good luck brother
    Elite Pure 30" 60lb
    G5 XR2 sight
    Quad HD drop away
    Easton bloodlines 400
    muzzy 3 blade 100gr

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    well welcome to the site, its a great place to ask and get Good answers
    good group of guys here
    as for hunting deer next yr??? why wait till then?
    if your shooting well now, no better time to start than now
    you really don't need a ton of great to hunt and kill deer
    sure its nice to have the latest and greatest and all the hype stuff, but its truely not needed
    as for your rest, its personal preference for sure, I know many guys that have hunted with a wisker rest and still love them as they did the day they got them,
    sure it could take a feather or two off after a LOT of shooting, and will drop a few FPS, I don't think its as high as 10-15, but could be wrong,,
    but it really doesn't make a huge difference, biggest importance is how well you group and can place at arrow where you want it at what ever range your comfortable shooting and NOT bashing the advice about a drop away, they do work and are nice once set up right, but a wisker rest to me is a simpler rest and less to go wrong so two sides to every coin

    best of luck and have fun!

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    S.E.Michigan to live & S.E. Ohio to dream
    Great to have you join us!!!!
    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
    - Thomas Edison

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