Username: BigFish83
County: Fairfield
Years Bowhunting: 0
Public or Private Land: Will be hunting private
Own Land (Y/N): No
Type of bow: Matthews Helim
Other Bow Accessories: Extreme Recon Sight, Whisker Bisquit rest, Tru Fire Hardcore release
3D Shooter (Y/N): No
If yes, name of club:
Gunhunter (Y/N): Yes
Predator Hunter (Y/N): Yes
Turkey Hunter (Y/N): Yes
How You Found Searched the internet for Ohio bow hunting forums
Any Information You Need: Since im new to bows and bow hunting Id like to gain any knowledge that I can that will help me be successful in my future hunts.

Ok now that the initial intro is out of the way here is a little bit more about myself. I have been into hunting for several years mainly small game. Last year was my first time turkey hunting and I fell in love with it. Im spending this deer season practicing with my new bow and aquiring all the gear needed for next year. Next year year will be my first year deer hunting and what better way to do it than with bow.

The first time I ever shot a compound bow was a month ago at the local proshop when I purchased my Helim. So I cant wait to get in the woods and take down some nice whitetails.