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Thread: A little bonus the other day

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    A little bonus the other day

    I dressed the deer out, tied her up, grab my things, knock an arrow and away to my truck I go when about 25yrds into my walk I see an albino squirrel running on a down tree 20yds away from me. Now, I havenít seen an albino squirrel in decades. So I moved to line myself up with the squirrel and a tree behind him because I wanted to recover my arrow after I shoot the squirrel (the squirrel was above me on a hill). Once I got to that point and placed my 20yrd pin on him and the tree to his back, I let the arrow fly and I busted him perfect and my arrow nailed the tree behind him. I was happy to at least recover my arrow even though the Brodhead might be wasted. Again, the arrow caught the squirrel perfect. I then reached to grab my arrow and noticed that the Brodhead split the dead limb and I was able to recover the entire arrow with absolutely no damage done to it what so ever. Boy was I pleased. So now away I go with a dead deer and an albino squirrel. How cool is that? My taxi guy has him now.
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    Very cool, nice job.
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    Holy crap that's awesome!! Would be worthy of a mount if you could do it!!
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    I'll second that, Mike. Very cool, indeed. Just goes to show one never knows what will show up in the woods. Be sure to post a photo when he comes back from your taxidermist.
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    very nice job i have only seen a albino coon and never anything else albino

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    sweet... get that thing mounted, very cool....WOW

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    thats a great day ,in my book!
    and a cool tree rat, and a great shot on one too congrats!

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    Interesting and great point for hunting. Will this point open for a whole year or on some specific times period?

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