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Thread: pic's from tonights sit

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    Nice looking plot! Great view you've got there, mrbb
    Mathews Chill-R, Carbon Express, Rage

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    thanks guys, Glad you enjoy these.
    this set is one of my fav on the farm, almost always get to see a lot of deer, foxes, coyotes bears what ever, always an active area
    I am a firm believer in food plots too, if for no other reason, building them and seeing the critters using and makes for an active sit on stand almost every time you get in !
    and they don't have to be big either, but like most hobbies, you start small and get bigger and bigger as time goes by
    I'm at the point now I enjoy making food plots and just watching what eat at them more than shooting anything, trail cam's get a work out too over or near plots too, makes a great way to see whats on your lands
    and all the more so in states like PA , where baiting is illegal
    win win for both hunter and critters too, just wish I had more money and land to work with, like so many I am sure

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