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shooting fawns

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Thread: shooting fawns

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    shooting fawns

    I wasnt sure if it was a law in Ohio that you couldnt shoot a deer with spots on it.. I dropped my doe off sat. morning at the cooler and saw that a man had shot two fawns, one with and one without spots. why even waste your money on shooting an animal that isnt much bigger than a dog and is only gonna give you about 10lbs of meat.:banghead: just my 2 cents

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    IMO I actually prefer shooting fawns. And to my knowledge it's not illegal to shoot one with spots....But Fawn meat is much more tender and has no "game" taste to it. I think I usually get more than ten pounds, but you're right, you don't get near as much.

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    I guess to each his own.. the check in lady said it was legal.I just assumed because it is illegal in all the states I have hunted in over the years. I agree the taste would be hard to beat but I just couldnt do it personally.

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    well I too target the small one's at my place , I have hunted a lot of places and never seen any rules on not shooting fawns before
    thats new to me to be honest
    I personally don't hunt for doe's out of my home state unless I have to , or a property owner wants one for meat.

    and I will second they are better eating, but thats not why I shoot them
    and you do only get about 15 lbs of meat pending size of the deer
    but a deer is a deer if your looking at killing one for food
    I do get the fact some folks won't shoot a small one due to feelings, but there still deer and legal is legal
    so to each his own I agree

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    not a big fan of shooting a yearling, but i know a few guys that aim for the head for camp food, its gone when they leave camp.....

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    Three things about shooting small deer They do eat good They are a small target and harder to hit but the best reason of all THEY DRAG easy(lol)
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