Ok thought I would start a daily report

I didn't hunt this morning, just didn't want to
got out this evening set up about 4 pm in the tree
had a lot of cloud cover and 10-15 mph winds, which died to almost zero winds by 5;30
at 5;45 I had 4 doe come out and feed in front of me till about 6 then worked there way off out of range in a food plot
at 6;05 I had 2 of my better bucks show up, had them both at 15 yrds feeding not knowing I was there, both are 8 pointers, one being about 19 wide, and the other only about 16 but super heavy, like 7 inch bases heavy all the way up
would guess they both would be border line 140 ish bucks, I have been passing on these two for two yrs now, hoping they make it one more yr, so they get a pass again this yr from me!
they fed for about 15 minutes in range then like the does worked there way out of range
then I had a small 4 pointer show up and then 2 more smaller 8's , only these last two 8's never came with in 50 yrs of me
and then right after I lowered my xbow, I had another bigger 8 pointer at least come out right at the base of my stand, he actually walked up to my xbow and almost licked it
he was out past his ears, and I am sure I could see 3 on each side, not sure about browe tines or not, too dark

so that was my opening day, over all a good evening sit