I'm lucky because I spend 6 months in Colorado and 6 months here in great whitetail hunting state of Ohio!

Username: Retired2hunt - retired at 48 and let the wife support me for the next... well... til I'm done hunting!
County: Live in Summit county but hunt at Dad's property in Harrison county
Years Bowhunting: 13 years
Public or Private Land: Private
Own Land (Y/N): No - not yet. Just waiting to find the right piece of land.
Type of bow: Bear compound and Horton crossbow
Other Bow Accessories: What else do I need besides a bow and arrow?!?!
3D Shooter (Y/N): N
If yes, name of club: N/A
Gunhunter (Y/N): Hell YES!!!
Predator Hunter (Y/N): Absolutely - shot two coyotes this spring!
Turkey Hunter (Y/N): Yes!
How You Found BO.com: Member shared pics with link to this site
Other Information You Wish To Share: I like to hunt any an animal legally
Any Information You Need: 150 acres for sale here in Ohio for a good price - my price!