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    Quote Originally Posted by Retired2hunt View Post
    Nope - not for me! I do not use any type of commericial scent blocking item. I take debris, leaves, and twigs from the area I hunt and soak them in water/alcohol for at least 2 weeks. Strain and put in a sprayer and apply to all my clothing. Learned this from a tip on another site. I have had deer within 5 yards of me on the ground not knowing I was there.
    So what's the ratio of water/alcohol and debris?
    Enjoy your hunt- the long sit......... the cold.......the rain and snow......the peace and quiet, it may just be your last hunt........... you never know.

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    I have to say as a old timer who believes in just heading to the woods and hunting....try not to worry about anything other than wind and I've got the mounts to prove my theory....but smoking your clothes truly works.....I could write a 3 page report on how well it's worked for me but just trust me and the hundreds of others who it has worked for..smoking is the new scent free idea and it's cheap....anyone thst pays top dollar for hunting clothes needs to send me their money because your truly throwing it away...all you need is a bee smoker and a tote like the fella on the first page....smoke your clothes before and after each hunt and you'll be able to wear your Abercrombie's hunting.

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