Hello fellow bow hunters... My name is Sherry I started hunting a few years ago with a camera while supervising my youngest. He is a diabetic so I was worried about him being in the woods & going low by himself. He was 8 then now hes 18 so mom doesn't have to worry as much. I got hooked when he was 10 & I asked my boys if they thought I could use a bow & they said sure mom well the very next day they were teaching me. I have gone from a crossbow to a compound bow, no desire for a gun at this time. My first year was learning, second year a button buck, third year best ever hunt turkey in the morning & huge doe the same evening. Fourth year 6 point. Last year I hurt my shoulder so had to go back to crossbow with no luck, so this year Im ready arm is healed, tree stand is up, cloths are all in order already been busted 3 times in the past month. We have 10 days left befor opening day in Ohio boy it sure is taking its sweet time getting here. Im trying to find things to keep busy target praticing , canning 2 bushels of hot peppers, 1 bushel of beets pickled & regular beets, took the day off today. Now to find something to do for the next 10 days its going to be a long 10 days ...Is it here yet.