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Wife picked out her first gun

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Thread: Wife picked out her first gun

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    Wife picked out her first gun

    What a night last night. I wanted to go check out a gun shop that I had just found to see what they had... sounds like a recipie to spend some cash right there. Well the wife went with me I was hoping she would keep me in check. Turns out she has been interested in doing some trap and skeet shooting. Im not familiar with it so I couldnt ask. Well she started talking to one of the sales guys which turned out to be the shop owner. Really nice and honest guy. He called one of his part time helpers who is also a fire arms/trap and skeet instructer to bring in one of his daughters guns that was already cut down to see if my wife would like the size and length of pull. After some talking and discussion as to determine what would be the best gun for her needs she decided on a 12ga semi auto. So we went and looked on the used gun shelf and she picked up a few. Well needless to say she found what she liked. As she put it it was "pretty" and I must say with a chrome engraved reciever and a custom chromed barrel it was a hell of a pretty gun. The balance on the gun was spectacular and it turns out once the wife likes it we ended up picking it up. She got a semi auto benelli legacy in 12ga with the chromed barrel and chrome/engraved reciever with 4 choke tubes. Its a nice gun with some very very nice wood. I think she is going to love it. I would put up a picture but the guns a the gun smith getting the length of pull taken down so it fits her.

    I did my due dilligence and broke the gun down and checked it over really well. Its been used but not heavily and there was no rust or home grown trigger work done to the gun. Sounds like a winner to me. Price was respectable although more than I wanted to pay but hell if it will get the wife into shooting that opens alot of doors for me. I was able to talk to the owner down about $100 so we ended up with the gun for just over $900 plus all the tax and that crap. Seemed like a good deal the gun was in very good condition with no major cosmetic blemishes. She is thrilled and I think I got a pretty good deal since its typically a $1500-$1700 gun. I must say it makes the rest of the shotguns I own look a feel pretty crappy. I just hope it shoots as well as it looks. Heck the things so nice that part of me wants the gun.

    As a bonus the store helper that came down that was an instructer offered to take her out and get her started the right way with the correct form and all of that. Which is priceless in my mind. He doesnt want a thing for teaching her either just wants to get her started the right way so she will stick with it. Personally I couldnt be happier for her.
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    Congrats on a great buy. I'm sure she will stick with it for a long time with a gun like that.

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