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Thread: its official

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    its official

    I can tell we are getting close to opening day. i dont know why but every year my shooting gets worse closer to opening day. I then know i need to just put the bow down and wait until its time or else im gonna lose my confidence... hate when this happens
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    I shot today as well and was all over the place for some reason. I have to adjust my pins again.
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    it happens to all of us at one point or another it will stop once you are settled into the stand busting lungs lol

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    Something I've learned when that happens have someone stand buy and watch you shoot and see if you are anchoring at the same point then have them watch when you use the release and see if maybe your punching the trigger and it could be target panic just try to focus your eye on the target and not the sights and just do everything the same way every time and find you will hit where you are aiming just make sure u keep it fun and don't put pressure on your self It helps me a lot when I have that problem most of the time I find that I m anticipating the shot hope it helps
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    Your preachin to the choir when it comes to shooting crappy. See my thread on Target Panic, that should help.

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    lol bushman i actually did see your thread target panic and commented on it i think. im not sure what the deal is really i just know i have to keep my practicing down a little bit to take the pressure off. Once i get into a stand i always feel more confident so its just a matter of controlling the head games goin in on in my own head lol
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    Wow I think its pretty awesome that you can shoot a compound bow, I have been practicing for a couple of years but guess my arms arent happy with it. I hunt with a crossbow I practice a few times make sure its sighted in and im good to go lol dont like to over practice its like bowling I always get worse lol. Im just happy that I can actually pull a compound back now maybe after a few more years it be ok. But congrats on your accomplishment thats awesome you will be fine when you get out there and relax and enjoy.

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    way back long ago in Army sniper school, we were taught to look at the target with both eyes open and you have to train yourself and your eyes to line up the target with your pins without actually thinking about has to be 2nd nature and you have to be able to keep both eyes open.....when first trying this method you will need to shut one eye and work on it like that, but I promise if you do it enough ou will get it and when you do, you feel like you can shoot anything and you will realize that you can zero in on your target area several seconds faster as opposed to your old methods..

    Our unit would go out and use longbows for certain training exercises and I am telling you, soon as you get the 2 eye target method down you will never go back...this method does not work for those of you who use a scope on your gun, but its deadly with a bow or gun with a sight and bead.

    Its a little to late to try this method now to use it for this season, but when you have time, try it out and maybe it will work out for you next year. It took me about 2-3 months of daily shooting to get my eyes trained to the close up vision you will need....its frustrating but you will get it....

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    Hang in there, quit tinkering with your bow and sights and just focus on anchor point and release. Also maybe don't shoot too many arrows in a day, makes you tired and your shooting goes to hell.
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    Focus on quality shots and not the quantity of shots. Like was mentioned above, make sure everything is the same every time. Rinse, lather, repeat. This time of year I shoot about 12-15 arrows every other day, but I focus on doing the same thing every time. Just my .02.
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