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2012 Rut Hunting

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Thread: 2012 Rut Hunting

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    2012 Rut Hunting

    Ok, so I have 4 days of vacation that I want to take during the rut this year. Any suggestions to which weekend I should take these 4 days. Plan to use them on a Thursday/Friday leading into a weekend and then the following Monday/Tuesday. Was thinking 11/8 - 11/13. Or should I do the weekend before? 11/1 - 11/6.

    Based on my experience, I have seen action during both weekends, and have taken both my bucks in that time frame...1st being 11/5, and the 2nd being 11/7.

    Thanks guys.
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    I think any of those would be good. I hope I picked right. I have the first full week of Nov. off.
    Good luck

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    I took Nov 1,2 leading into Nov 3,4 based on predictions that Bucks will be "chasing" during this week.
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    I think 11/8-11/13 would be perfect. I've done well in Stark/Carroll counties during these times and was planning on taking off 11/8,9,10,11 this year. I took off last year 11/3-4 and things weren't quite what i expected. Things were better a week later so that's why I'm changing dates this year. Maybe it's just where i hunt but this was my experience. Good luck regardless!

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    Anytime in Nov is good but if I had to choose I would pick the 2nd simply because you have that slight chance of it being colder.

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    Full moon is allways at the begining of the month and that means alot of night movment unless its overcast.I like the second and third week better.Good luck

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    I will be coming to the great state of Ohio nov 10 thru nov 18 can't wait

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    Its difficult when you have to select a week to take off and hunt during the rut because the week you pick, even if it is the first week of November for example, might have temperatures in the mid 70's all week or it might rain every day. So the closer to late October you can wait to select the week the better because you can at least look at the long term weather forecasts. It seems to me that every year there is one really good week when everything works together (rut, weather, moon) but you gotta be hunting during that week. It could be the last week of October (used to be good for me but not so much the last few years) or the first three weeks of November. This is why I just take off most of those four weeks!
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    First, the first of the month isn't always the full moon. And even if it were, "cloud cover" wouldn't have any effect on deer movement. They can still see....

    That being said, you might as well flip a coin IMO. I have killed 4 bucks between 130 and 155 between November 8-11 and only one before that (10/31). My favorite seems to be around November 10...but you're right, you risk lockdown which seems to be worse than the October lull.

    I'd probably go with the later dates but I don't think you can really go wrong.

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